The Best Screen Cleaning Products 2014

There’s nothing worse than a screen covered with greasy fingerprints.

Oh, well, yeah, there are lots of things worse than that in reality, but when you’re working on your computer all day, or when you’re playing games all night, or when you’re stalking your friends on Facebook, you want to actually be able to SEE what you are doing. Dirty screens can cause eyesight problems, and nobody wants their eyes to be any worse than they already are.

So grab some screen wipes, and wipe your screens DAILY. Yes, every single day. When you first turn on your computer, grab a fresh screen wipe, give your screen the once-over, and you’ll have a clear screen until someone comes and jabs it with their fat fingers. And that person obviously won’t be YOU.

The Best Screenwipes 2014

Durable Screenclean Sachets - Pack of 50

5 Star Screen Cleaning Sachets Anti-static Non-hazardous [Pack of 50]

AF Screen-Clene Monitor Cleaning Duo Pairs of Wet and Dry Wipes Ref SCR020 [Pack of 20x2]